Tri point media

Confident, Clear, Creative



The exploding media landscape presents both opportunities and challenges. New technologies allow you to communicate your message any time, anywhere.   However, the challenge lies in managing all of those different channels.

TriPoint Media can customize a communication strategy so the message and image presented are consistent in content and branding. 

Through a collaborative process, clients come away with a clear understanding of how they can best present themselves and how to tweak current messaging to fit within those new parameters.

In addition, TriPoint Media can help clients formulate media pitches by identifying story angles likely to hold the most appeal to news media.

Client services include:

  1. -  Analysis of current media messaging

  1. -  Identification of key talking points/themes

  1. -  Alignment of messaging across all media channels

  1. -   Discovery of media “hooks” to pitch to broadcast, print and web media

  1. -   Crisis communications planning