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Presentation coaching

Are you ready to make the most of your media moment?

Are you able to capture an audience’s attention and keep it?

The pervasive use of video through a plethora of media channels presents high impact opportunities to get your message out there.

But if you’re not prepared when that opportunity arises, you may end up projecting the wrong message and the wrong image.

TriPoint Media offers group and individual coaching for executives, experts and entrepreneurs who might be called upon to convey their message through internal or external media channels. 

Clients learn:

  1. - The Key Elements to Performance Success

  1. -Practical performance tips and techniques

  1. - How to identify a personal presentation style

  1. - How to prepare a script for a conversational read

  1. - How to add vocal variety to one’s delivery

  1. - How to use a teleprompter effectively

  1. - Wardrobe do’s and don’ts

A sampling of media outlets and corporations Karin Reed has represented on-camera