TriPoint Media helps clients communicate their message and enhance their image to best effect while leveraging the power of the ever-expanding media landscape.

Areas of Expertise:

  1. * Presentation Coaching- Performance training (live audience or on-camera)

  1. * Communication Consulting- Message strategizing

  1. * Media Creation- Fully produced videos for internal and external use


WHAT we do:

Tri point media

Confident, Clear, Creative

who we are:

As a member of the media for the past twenty years, TriPoint Media President Karin Reed has conducted countless interviews, moderated expert panel discussions and debates as well as produced thousands of stories. 

Her work has garnered numerous awards, including a regional Emmy.

Since 2004, she has served as an on-camera spokesperson for dozens of Fortune 500 companies for industrials, commercials and webcasts.

Throughout her career, Ms. Reed has been a much sought-after spokesperson, moderator and host for live events both on-camera and off.

Her coaching techniques and consulting strategies are based on two decades of experience working in front of and behind the camera as well as on-stage... techniques and principles she continues to use today with great success.